• Doctoral Consortium


October 23, 2017 (full-day)


The Doctoral Consortium provides doctoral students with a unique opportunity to meet each other and experienced researchers in the field. Students will be mentored by a group of faculty who are leaders in the diverse specialties that make up the HCOMP field.

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Brent Hecht

Northwestern University

  • Workshop: CrowdCamp


CrowdCamp 2017 is a full-day workshop on October 24, 2017.


CrowdCamp is a recurring HCOMP workshop which brings together human computation and crowdsourcing researchers and industry practitioners for collective work to develop new ideas into concrete outputs: in-depth thoughts on hard problems, paper or coded prototypes, experiment design and data mining. We will discuss future visions and make tangible headway on those visions, as well as seeding collaboration. The outputs from discussion, brainstorming, and building will persist after the workshop for attendees and the community to view.

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Rajan Vaish

Stanford University

Markus Krause

UC Berkeley ICSI &
Leibniz University Hannover

Peter Organisciak

HathiTrust Research Center

Elena Agapie

University of Washington

  • Workshop: Human Computation for Image and Video Analysis (GroupSight)


October 24, 2017 (full-day workshop).


This workshop aims to promote greater interaction between the diversity of researchers and practitioners who examine how to mix human and computer efforts to convert visual data into discoveries and innovations that benefit society at large. It will foster in-depth discussion of technical and application issues for how to engage humans with computers to optimize cost/quality trade-offs. It will also serve as an introduction to researchers and students curious about this important, emerging field at the intersection of crowdsourced human computation and image/video analysis.

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Organizing & Steering Committee

Serge Belongie

Cornell University

Steve Branson


Danna Gurari

University of Texas at Austin

James Hays

Georgia Tech

Genevieve Patterson

Brown University / MSR New England

Pietro Perona


Kurt Luther

Virginia Tech